Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spreading the kindness:Pay it forward!

It is a normal human nature to reciprocate or to give back towards someone who has being kind or has lend their hands to us especially during our hard times. Many of the people that feels indebted with the kindness that has been given by a particular person will definitely thinks that it is a must to give back or to repay him or her as an expression of gratitude.

Yeah, that is what normally being done by most of us. But how about paying the good deed by having it done to the others instead of the person? This act or concept is described as "Pay it forward". Analogically assume that the normal way of expressing a gratitude towards a Good Samaritan is like a ball game between two players. Imagine the ball is the good deed that being passed on to each other, while for the Pay it forward concept, it can be imagined as similar as a football game whereby, each player in the same team will keep on passing the ball to each other in order to score a goal. Therefore, the difference between the common way of appreciating a good deed and "paying it forward" is the numbers of persons that will be involved. And of course, the kindness and sincerity can be spread out

I've first heard this concept after watching a film with a similar title.

Pay It Forward (2000) Image taken from

The story is about how a 12 years old schoolboy is attempting to make the world better (in a fulfilment of his school assignment). His Idea of Pay it forward is by doing a good deeds towards three different persons. In return, each of them should reciprocate by paying it to another 3 different persons. If the movement continue, it will create a huge pyramid effect (similar with the multilevel marketing technique) enabling the concept to be spread. Well, I will never tell the rest of the story or the synopsis in here as I am strongly suggesting yourself to watch it to get an inspiration!

Personally, I think the Pay it forward concept can be a better fit in the society nowadays. Since people especially in the urban area are more secluded, spreading a movement of kindness starting in a small community will assist in encouraging people to interact and appreciate between each others.

Talking about the connection of this concept and the relationship between people, it does reminds myself of a conversation with a friend of mine that working as a volunteer for the organisation that helping the Orang Asli (Indigenous People). She said that, while helping the villagers we will definitely get something in return, such as their way of living will teach us on how to live harmoniously with the nature, and most important, the knowledge that has been given to them will assist in their capacity building. They can utilize that to help their own community and create an internal chain of effect among themselves. Thus enabling them to improve their quality of living.

Well, happen to know that social enterprises and voluntary movements are mushrooming nowadays, why not this concept is being applied to ensure a continuous effect of the action? Therefore empowerment can be given to the related community and individual that not only will guarantee the kindness to be spread, but also the assisted parties will be able to stand in their own feet."

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

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